Our facility was founded on the belief that fitness starts from the inside out. It’s not all about bulging biceps and six-packs. It’s about training your body to be a stronger, more efficient machine by teaching it how to move better. Get in the right mental and physical space to do amazing things. Forming the good habits and muscle memory needed to combat chronic pain, aches and all the plagues of our sedentary lifestyle. And it’s about doing things right – no shortcuts, cop-outs, or bad form.

Feel ready to take on the world as endorphins surge through your veins. Feel the pride of achievement as your classmates celebrate every personal win. Feel confident, powerful—without the weight of insecurity, poor body image and physical limitations dragging you down.



A diverse range of professional backgrounds and a deep, passionate commitment to our mission of making our members feel the best they’ve ever felt, from physical peak to emotional high…that’s what sets the staff at PSNY apart. Find the fun in the journey to wellness in classes that unlock the joy in movement with some of the best instructors in the industry.


Head Instructor & Program Director

A relentless pursuit of knowledge is the key driver to Tristan’s reputation as a nationally respected “trainer’s trainer,” but it’s the combination of continuous improvement, boundless energy and unbridled passion for improving the lives of those around him that truly distinguish him in his 15 years in the fitness industry.

Tristan’s deep commitment to helping his clients reach a higher quality of life and standard of health is the sole reason he is so uniquely dedicated to attending strength training workshops nationwide on a regular basis, to better ensure that members receive nothing but the most ahead-of-the-curve instruction and benefit from all of the latest—and safest—developments in the fitness world.

The first trainer to receive Primal MoveTM certification in New York, Tristan has also been named an Original Strength Specialist, an elite designation for leaders in a powerful and growing movement emphasizing the restoration of natural mobility, resiliency and strength. In addition, he holds a fourth-degree black sash in kung fu, with expertise in advanced techniques and multiple weapons, and highly coveted RKC, SFG and CK-FMS kettlebell certifications, creating a diverse professional background that supports his mission of changing lives one inspirational workout at a time, bringing the joy back into movement.


Personal Trainer

The art and science of strength training has long fascinated James, who has dedicated his entire life to the optimization of physical movement and to learning voraciously about how to better the lives of those around him, from helping people build muscle and attain peak physical fitness to simply facilitating their day-to-day challenges.

He found his calling at only 19 years of age, and motivated by his desire to educate and help people, James achieved a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Adelphi University and quickly earned the title of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Fueled by passion, drive and sheer determination to excel in his field, he went on to attain certification in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), CPR and first aid. Now, in order to serve his clients even better, he continues to hone his skills and grow his knowledge by participating in various workshops throughout the region.

James’s doctrine of dedication, hard work and strength of will has served as an inspiration for those he teaches, while his education and emphasis on fine-tuning physical form ensures safety and effectiveness in every workout.