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In the past, I've joined countless gyms, over-paid for trainers, bought into TV workout promises and programs and saw zero results. When it came time to start working out for my wedding, I was wary and hesitant about training and had no idea where to start in order to get the body I wanted for my big day, but Tristan surpassed all expectations. Not only did Tristan design a workout regiment specifically for me and my goals, but also helped me sort out my eating habits and was able to give me some much needed relief in my ankle. I ruined it 20+ years ago and have no been able to walk, squat, or dance right. Tristan caught it right away and was able to help me move again! Where else can you find a trainer who can get you lean but can also help you move? Going to the gym and training was the highlight of my week. I called my training sessions "Barbie Boot Camp" and started a journal to record my workouts. In three months I had the body I wanted and I had so much fun and focus getting there. What started as a short-term goal has now become a life-time goal of health, happiness, and flexibility! I can't wait to get back to Primal Strength when I return from my honeymoon!

Jennifer Staehle - 8/7/2015

I've known Tristan "for ever" and always knew he'd be a dedicated, effective and extremely talented teacher/trainer/motivator. There was no disappointment when I got to train with him one on one at times and in group kettlebell classes. Then, with some extra pounds hanging around me, the best was participating in one of his TLS Weight Loss Programs. It was more effective than Weight Watchers had ever been. Primal Strength NY is the place to be if you want to improve your health, your stamina, your strength, your attitude and your appearance. Go for it!

Judi Phillips - 5/19/15

The Best of the Best

Primal Strength NY is not your average gym. This a place where the trainers meet you where you are and encourage you to reach new goals. Everyone there, from the trainers to the other clients, has a positive attitude and celebrates the accomplishments of each other. In the last 9 months at Primal Strength, I have lost more than 30 lbs and have never felt stronger or more limber. The support, training, and education I have gotten from Tristan and the other trainers has transformed my life. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, do not hesitate for a minute to give Primal Strength NY a try.

Kristine Houghtalen - 5/6/15

Not Your Average Gym

I started at Primal Strength NY in May 2014. With a young child at home, with a full-time work schedule, and family demands, I had let myself go. I had tried many gyms and fitness routines (as well as diet) and they all failed after a few weeks. I walked in feeling embarrassed, ashamed and hopeless. Tristan and his staff quickly put my fears at ease and welcomed me with open arms into their family/community. I joined the TLS group shortly after joining and learned so much about nutrition and quickly started losing those extra pounds. I have continued with the gym and the diet. A year later and I am in my best shape ever! I feel strong, confident and healthy. I highly recommend this gym to anyone! Tristan and his staff will meet you where you are fitness-wise and get you out of pain, into shape and feeling great!

Laura Chow - 5/5/15

The best environment!

I have been coming to Primal Strength for about 5 weeks now and feel amazing. The Original Strength concept makes total sense. It is the way "God" intended our bodies to move. I have been doing boot camp style training for about 6 months and since I have been coming to Primal Strength with Tristan I am stretching parts of my body that I never knew I had!!! It has enhanced my weight exercise training and enables me to mov better. The breathing exercises alone has helped me get through tense situations throughout the day and help me fall asleep at night. My body is improving and the best part is that my back pain is gone. I feel about 10 years younger and have received compliments about how I look. I totally recommend Tristan and Primal Strength to take your body back to it's "Original Strength"

Laura G Giordano - 4/19/15

Makes total sense

I've been a Physical Therapist for 20 years, and, without a doubt, the approach at Primal Strength is the best I have encountered during that time. The combination of the Functional Movement Screen, Strong First Kettlebells, Original Strength and Primal Move enable the facility owner, Tristan Phillips, to comprehensively assess, program, instruct and correct a wide range of clients, some of who present with challenges that would impede their ability to train successfully at most facilities. Frankly, training in this way, a large percentage of individuals who might otherwise end up requiring clinical intervention for their physical issues at a PT, chiropractor, etc., would be able avoid doing so, and many people who come here with pain and dysfunction will see those disappear due to Tristan's integrated approach to improving strength, flexibility, endurance and movement quality. I cannot recommend this facility highly enough. Chris Jurak, MS, PT

Chris Jurak - 3/31/15

High Level, Integrated, Smart Training

Primal Strength is nothing like any gym I have ever been to - it far exceeds. Tristan and his staff give you their undivided, personal attention whenever you need it. And they decide when you need it sometimes! They are making sure you are not going to hurt yourself and are working your muscles as they should be. There is an educational component to these workouts I have never experienced before- Tristan is a motivator; he is an intelligent, kind person who couples his passion for what he does with his natural personality and brings to the table a truly excellent experience - every time.

Jeannie Behrens - 3/30/15

Truly excellent

Primal strength is a great place to train. Tristan is an exceptional trainer. He asks what your goals are and fine-tunes your training plan to fit your individual needs. He looks at strength and mobility in such a way that it really opens your eyes to what your body can do. I highly recommend Primal Strength NY to anybody of any fitness level.

Johanna Wetherell - 3/30/15

An awesome place to train

When I started working out at Primal Strength I was an overly competitive former athlete who needed someone to keep me motivated...the coaches at Primal Strength, especially Tristan did just that! Over time I became stronger through Tristan's carefully programmed workouts, and my strict push up has never looked so perfect!

Allie Franklin - 3/29/15

Primal Perfection!

After 8 years of varied physical training ,I was at a stand still. I was seeking something new that would get me to another level of fitness. By sheer luck ,I met Tristan who invited me to come in and learn about functional movement integrated with strength training. After one session ,I was sold ! I love the kettlebell training. I especially like the idea of integrating FMS into the strength training, allowing me a quick recovery to return the next day. The instruction provided by Tristan and his staff is the best I've seen anywhere. Knowledge and passion for this program is easily recognized by their approach. I highly recommend Primal strength NY to all fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Patricia Mendola - 3/29/15

Just what I needed

As a mother of two young children, I walked into Primal Strength having completely let myself go. I was last on my priority list and hadn't seen the inside of a gym in over a decade. To say I was overwhelmed and anxious the first time I walked in is an understatement. But, I am so grateful I did!!! Tristan and his staff immediately put me at ease and believed in me when my confidence was shaky. Month after month I continued to achieve goals I wouldn't have thought were possible before becoming a member. Getting stronger physically made me stronger in all areas of my life. I cannot recommend this gym highly enough. If you are on the fence and doubting what you're capable of...just try it. You will be grateful you did.

Jenna Gagliano - 3/28/15

Love this place!

Tristan's passion for functional movement and knowledge of his craft is unmatched by any other trainer I have met. He gets amazing results and is always on the cutting edge of functional fitness.

Glenn Gibson, DC, MS, SFMA - 3/27/15

Passionate and Knowledgable!!

A completely unique, special, individualized and fantastic work out experience. Never boring, always challenging. I started my fitness journey here 2 months ago and everyone at this place is so supportive and non-judgmental. The instructors are so knowledgeable about movement, fitness, nutrition and help you stay motivated to meet your goals. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey (like me) or you are looking to take your body to the next level.....this is the place to make it happen.

Karen L. - 3/26/15


Many compliments can be said about the Primal Strength trainers and philosophy. They are obviously qualified, as well as passionate about their field of practice and success and/or improvement of their members. No matter what your goal is, Primal Strength will help you reach it. Whether you're a banged up injury riddled former athlete, current competitor, exercise enthusiast, looking to shed some pounds, or an average joe looking to get some good work in, Primal Strength will suit your needs. The trainers/coaches are very knowledgeable and classes are kept small, so you get hands on attention. Another great thing about Primal Strength is that the coaching and advice does not end when class does. The staff there is fully committed to their members health and well being. They offer advice on nutrition, outside the gym workout programs, and stretches and mobility drills to eliminate sore or tight spots. They are strict on exercising with correct form, and always have a variation of an exercise if a member is unable to perform it. I have been going to Primal Strength for about 6 months now. When I first showed up I was banged up and in pain. I am now stronger, more flexible, and feel better then I ever have. If every personal trainer and strength coach had the knowledge and mindset of the ones you'll befriend at Primal Strength, everyone would be much healthier and feel like they were meant to feel. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, so their is no need to feel intimidated. Primal Strength will make you move the way you were suppose to! You'll never realize how good movement can feel unless you do your body a favor and get your ass through their doors!

Cole Buschmann - 3/26/15

Can't get enough of this place!