The Amazing 12

Reach Peak Fitness by Peak Beach Season

“Spring” Into Action with Amazing 12

This winter took its time getting here, but once it came, it was fierce, with snow days that blew new year’s resolutions, good intentions, and all motivation out with the wind. But spring is the season of renewal, and we’re offering a chance to start refreshed, renewed, and totally reinvented just in time for Long Island’s beautiful beach season. Make up for lost time with the quick fix you need. A near-magical solution that will get you ahead. Something that will defy expectations and deliver FAST. The answer is Amazing 12.

Join Amazing 12 this May and have the body you’ve always known you deserved by July.

PSNY is currently accepting a limited number of applications NOW for the session starting May 2, which means you’re only one email or phone call and a little more than 12 weeks away from the body transformation program that will change your life forever. We are proud to be one of only 57 facilities in the United States—and the only one in New York—certified to offer Paul McIlroy’s proven, revolutionary program, taught by one of Long Island’s premier trainers, Tristan Phillips.

5 Reasons to Choose Amazing 12:

  • SUCCESS RATE. One of the most innovative and revolutionary body transformation programs in the world, this model has been PROVEN to be repeatedly successful. Called a “bulletproof system,” the protocols and procedures have been shown to work EVERY time—something few other programs in the world can claim.
  • TIME-TESTED. For 10 years already, it’s been delivering dramatic, documented results in Belfast and across mainland Europe.
  • PERSONAL ENRICHMENT. Test the limits of what you once thought was possible for you by unlocking levels of strength and overall health beyond what you’ve ever experienced before.
  • EMPHASIS ON SAFETY. Because PSNY focuses on form above all else for every class, you know we’ll teach you how to lift like a pro and look like a star. Limited class sizes keep the attention on YOU.
  • TOTAL COACHING. You’ll be personally trained and supported by PSNY’s owner and lead instructor, which puts over 20 years of fitness and nutritional expertise at your disposal every day.

We keep our classes small, so don’t miss your chance! Limited space is still available for the following sessions:

  • 12 PM
  • 6 PM

Don’t wait to change your body and your life. Make this summer—and the rest of your life—healthy, transformative, and AMAZING.

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