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We Will PAY YOU $300 To Get the Best Looking, STRONG Body You've EVER Had... And You'll Do It In Just 8 Weeks!

Strong Body Transformation Challenge: The 8-Week PROVEN Fat Burning, Strength Building System that will put your body to work burning off fat and building lean muscle.

WARNING: Only 15 People Will Be Accepted Into The New Year, New You Challenge. Read This Letter Now To See If You Qualify.

Imagine what it feels like having people stare at you on the beach, enviously wishing they looked even half as good as you do.

Imagine how it feels having friends so amazed by your TOTAL transformation they jealously ask..."What's your secret?"

Imagine complete strangers watching you in the grocery store to see what you're buying because they desperately want to know what you know.

Accept the Strong Body Challenge and this becomes your new reality in just 8 weeks from today.

Dear Friend,

It will cost you $5 (five dollars) to put the Strong Body Challenge to the test.

If five bucks is too rich for your blood -- too much to ask in exchange for what is quite literally a body and life-changing program -- then stop reading now.

If, on the other hand, we've got your attention and interest, then read on because this is the most important message about your health, fitness, and quality of life you will ever hear...

We know that the Strong Body Challenge may sound almost too good to be true (it's not, and we'll prove it).

And if you've known us for a while (we've been transforming bodies and lives here on Long Island for the past four years), then this is a little different than what you're accustomed to seeing from us.

We're not usually this abrupt and aggressive with our communication, but we feel so strongly about the power of the New Year, New You Challenge to dramatically improve YOUR life...we refuse to pull any punches.

So give us a moment to explain the New Year, New You Challenge to you, and why, if you've got the guts to change your life forever, we'll pay you $300 to get the best looking, healthiest and STRONGEST body you've ever had...in just 8 short weeks.

Radical and Rapid Transformation Is Possible... If You Really Want It

The truth is that the Strong Body Challenge is not for everyone.

It's only for those who recognize life is far too short to spend "wishing" things were different. It's only for those who really want to seize each day...beginning NOW...and transform not just their body, but their life.

For those special people (maybe you?), we can promise the most rewarding 8-week adventure, the most complete physical and emotional transformation of your life, and more...

What Is The Challenge?

the single biggest problem with every other transformation type contest I have ever seem is the LACK of emphasis on Strength. Getting strong is the most important quality. If you lose weight but do not get stronger, then you are just a smaller, weaker version of your old flabby self.

One of the qualities in people that we respect and admire the most is STRENGTH. When we see men and women who are strong…. in every regard….it excites us.

And it all starts with your Strong Body.


Because strength equals confidence and is something that can be developed and improved by anyone. We've seen it happen time and again. We've helped it happen time and again.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You feel guilty about the way you eat -- or just know you're not making the right, supportive choices.
  • You think you don't look good in your clothes and have difficulty finding something to wear that fits right and makes you feel right.
  • The romance is seeping out of your marriage or relationship.
  • You look in the mirror and more often than not, don't like the reflection you see.
  • You have become more self-conscious and maybe even feel like people are judging you.
  • You're less inclined to socialize and sometimes make excuses to avoid social situations.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, we urge you to invest $5 to put Strong Body Challenge to the test. And we promise you'll look back at this as the turning point for you.

What is included Strong Body 8-Week Transformation Challenge?

1. The Strong Body Challenge gives you a highly structured, highly personalized 8-week exercise program -- no more guesswork about what to do in your training.
2. A New Approach to Nutrition! We'll reveal a radical approach to eating that is guaranteed to get the results you want while eating REAL FOOD, not of supplements and pre-packaged fake food.
3. New Focus. We'll give you the best way to "get back on track" if you've lost a little bit of focus on your commitment to fitness.
4. CRUSH All your Obstacles! The challenge gives you one on one and group coaching and accountability from us -- installing into your mind and your life the fitness and nutrition habits for radical and rapid improvement. The challenge gives you social support from the other participants -- all hand-selected by us to insure compatibility and desire that matches your own. Together, as a team, we move forward (there is awesome power in this synergistic small group experience).
5. The challenge gives you a hard target to shoot for. We are not the least bit interested in moderate, lukewarm, plain vanilla results. This is about dramatic, body transforming, life changing results...in 8 weeks.
6. The challenge gives you a big reward for your efforts even beyond the physical and emotional changes you will make. We will select one Challenger from the small group who makes the most significant improvement, and award that person with $700 in cash. There will be other prizes awarded as well, in a variety of categories.
7. But most of all, Strong Body Challenge gives you new confidence each and every day that you are taking full and complete control over your health, fitness, body and life. That confidence snowballs and compounds with each passing day - with each personal victory. You come out the other end after just 8 weeks with a new body, a new outlook, new passion for life...and a completely new and better person, in every way.

How does the Strong Body Challenge work?

First you must reserve your spot for just $5 HERE

After that we schedule a consultation where we go over your fitness goals for the challenge. This includes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which tells us a lot about how your body moves as a whole and the state of your metabolism.

In our first meeting your weight measurements will also be recorded. You will receive your transformation challenge workbook and we will go over the design of our workout and nutrition program.

Next is your kettlebell orientation where you will learn the basics of kettlebell training to help you get the most out of your workout and allows you to work at your level of training. Then you will be all set for the challenge and for the upcoming group workouts.

Each of the remaining weeks we will meet for reassessment, instruction, and education in group. Your nutrition and exercise regimen will be closely monitored. We will hold you accountable to it - this is how radical and rapid results are produced.

If you encounter obstacles, we will show you how to overcome them. We work together as a team for 8 solid weeks, every week you move closer to your goal. Transformation is guaranteed with this high level of accountability and precise, personalized fitness, and nutrition programming.

At the end of 8 weeks all your measurements will be taken one final time and the Challenger with the greatest improvement will be selected (there will also be other categories where we select winners). The #1 Challenger (it could be you) will be awarded $300. But frankly, that pales in comparison to the reward of your Strong Body!

Who exactly is Strong Body Transformation Challenge for?

A: The challenge is for men and women aged 18 and up who want significant, measurable fat loss and strength results in just 8 weeks. If you want your best body, best performance, and best health, this is the proven system for achieving it. You are welcome to tell your spouse or a friend about this program and have them apply as well.

How do I know if I qualify for Strong Body Challenge?

A: Click here to get started with the Strong Body Challenge for just $5. After we receive your $5 commitment, we will schedule a brief telephone interview where you will be assessed for the Strong Body Challenge. As long as you are not at medical risk, are determined to make a positive change in your life and can agree to be supportive of others in the Challenge, there is no reason you should not be accepted. The first step is to make the $5 commitment to yourself.

Q: How much does the Strong Body Challenge cost?

A: Enroll now for just $5, attend the first week of the challenge and if you're not amazed by everything included, you cancel and pay nothing more (we'll even refund your $5 if you ask). If you decide to stay on for the remaining 7 weeks, you'll be charged $149.50 at the beginning of week #2 and $149.50 at the beginning of week #5 for a total of $299 (includes your $5 reservation fee)**. Over the 8-week period, that's less than the cost of a decent lunch ($5.34) each day to get the best looking, strongest body you've EVER had!

**(Current Primal Strength New York members only pay $40 to participate in the challenge!)

We don't want you to pay a penny until you are convinced Strong Body Challenge is the answer for which you've been searching. You get one full week to try and decide before you're ever charged a dime beyond your $5 reservation fee. If for any reason you are not convinced, just let us know and we will cancel your participation in Strong Body Challenge and you will not be charged anything, and we part friends.

Q: How do I win the $300 prize?

A: You follow the prescribed exercise and nutrition programs, allow yourself to be held accountable by us, support the group, give 100% to yourself and your fellow Challengers and get the new body and new life you want. If you are judged to be the #1 Challenger in the small group, you win the $300 grand prize!

Q: Why are you only accepting just 15 people into NYNY Challenge?

A: Group dynamics are very important to the success of the Strong Body Challenge. Too many participants dilute that dynamic. Additionally, we need to insure that each Challenger gets all the time and attention they need. We can't do that with a group that is too large.

ATTENTION: If you are interested in the Strong Body Challenge, it is vital that you click here now to reserve one of [link to payment page] the limited 15 spots available. All spots will go very quickly, and once they're gone, they're gone, and you are locked out. Your only "risk" is just $5 (and I'll refund that after your second class if you decide NYNY is not right for you). Please do NOT delay even for a moment. Seize this opportunity and let us show you how to get your body leaner and stronger than ever.

Are you ready to take the Strong Body Challenge?

All you have to do is take the first step by clicking here to submit your $5 (refundable) [ link to payment page] fee to secure one of the 15 available spots for yourself.

Someone from our office will contact you to conduct a brief telephone interview to insure you qualify for the Strong Body Challenge. If you qualify, you will be invited to attend the first two meetings and the first week of workouts. If you're not 100% convinced Strong Body Challenge will do everything for you we have described in this letter, just let us know and we'll refund your $5 and cancel your participation in the program. You will owe us nothing, and we part friends.

It's just that simple.

We look forward to working with you in the Strong Body Challenge and giving you the best looking, best performing, and healthiest body you've ever had...in just 8 weeks.

Tristan Phillips

P.S. If you have questions about the NYNY Challenge, feel free to call our office at 631-676-2004.
We'll be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you have.

P.P.S. If you are ready to make the most powerful change in your life to date and get your best body and best health now, click here to reserve your spot in New Year, New You Transformation Challenge for just $5.

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Here is what our clients have to say about our past challenges and programs:

Here is what our clients have to say about our past challenges and programs:

“I’m no longer waiting to get into the best shape of my life. I am doing that now! As soon as I got the ball rolling the following occurred (in no particular order): weight loss, positive thinking, heightened energy, clearer skin, STRENGTH, better posture, ABS, loss of inches, gain of inches (in all the right places), pride in myself, more defined muscles (everywhere), and a better outlook on life.”-Melissa Melton

“I lost 70lbs in a year and now I don’t have to worry when a friend mentions going on a bike ride or for a run.”-Katie Vance